Thursday, July 14, 2011

Righting a Wrong

     It wasn't until well after I had published my last post that I realized I really shouldn't have called the part I wrote that was addressed to The Bloggess a "love letter" because frankly, it was mainly about me and not about how awesomely funny I think she is and how she makes me laugh several times a day.  Forgive me, I'm apparently not adept at writing praise of others, especially when a majority of their day consists of receiving all kinds of praise (yes, I know it's not all sunshine and puppies, but I hope it's a majority) and so I would have to be pretty damn close to their level of awesomeness in order to come up with the right words that would make me stand out in the crowd. 

     For anyone who would say I am being silly because praise is for the recipient and not the giver I call bullshit.  Let he/she who has posted a positive comment with ZERO hopes that it would garner them the attention of the person they were praising be named "Most Selfless Person on the Internet"...and then let's all check their background because we may have just discovered Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

     How about this: I have spent so much of my free time catching up on The Bloggess posts that I just realized it's been quite some time since I looked through the Tivo suggestions and rather than bemoan the fact that it took me so long to go through and rate and save the things I wanted to see I just thought "totally worth it", is that "love lettery" enough?

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