Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Something to Aim For?

   Barely started and I've already hit a snag...I can't follow Hyperbole and a Half since she already has the maximum 50,000 followers that are allowed.  I can hear your eyebrows raising, and frankly your skepticism only fuels me on; plus, the fact that I can hear your eyebrows either means my imagination is making me hear things or you should really go to a doctor to have that checked out.  Now, I may be going bananas, but it maybe probably most certainly isn't is me.  Ask me again in several months when I will in all likelihood have a big fat 0 followers, I still won't concede to you, but my enthusiasm will most certainly have flagged by then.
     Or will it have?

(insert some motivational quote about beginnings here, your choice, I got indecisive when I looked them up...likely because it's a really cheesy and overdone idea that probably deserves to be killed off already)

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